You have a right to terminate membership in this program. To do so you must email within 72 hours of your application submission and request a refund. After 72 hours, all sales are final. For complete terms and conditions, please review the Terms of Service policy below or click the 'Contact Us' button above to contact us for more information.

At the time of your application submission, your registration will be time and date stamped as well as your computer IP address captured as proof of the time and date of your submission.

Decision to terminate your membership in this program and refund you is final and made by the President of InkWay USA. In the event your request is denied because you have exceeded the cancellation grace period, you have a right to obtain a copy of your electronic submission by emailing and requesting proof of your submission. Data in this database can not be manipulated and is true and correct based on the time you submitted your application.



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